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How to recognize high-quality cannabis?

As is well known to most people, Marijuana is not all the same and, when you are about to buy it, it is essential to know the elements that differentiate good or bad quality of Cannabis.

Here are some useful recommendations for you to consider.

Check the shape, appearance and crystals

The suitable Marijuana to be purchased is presented with beautiful green flowers, which do not tend to brown because it is an index of poor quality, and with glasses and shiny leaves, property attributed to small crystals in which THC is more concentrated, which cover the closest parts of the plant to the flowers.

Smell the Marijuana

Another very important step is smelling the weed you’re about to buy. The aroma must be pleasant, with sometimes sweet, acidulous, fruity or citric notes, well away from the smell of damp or moldy grass that instead indicate a poor quality of the product, which may still be too fresh, preserved or dried improperly.

Check the humidity and density of marijuana

Humidity is the third factor we believe to be significant in assessing the quality of cannabis. The too dry Marijuana indeed crumbles easily, reducing itself to powder and complicating its use, as well as burning slightly evenly. In this case the product has been dried incorrectly, with too dilated exposure times to light and heat and compromised quality.

Even excessively humid cannabis, however, can create some problems and the fault is always attributable to the wrong drying mode. A top that is not properly tanned or dried is difficult to crumble and unpleasant to smoke.

The right humidity makes the flowers slightly dry to the touch and, in part, resistant under the fingers.

As concerne the density, the best way to understand if your product is high-quality Cannabis is to check if the buds are beautiful to the eye and compact to the right point, that is homogeneous, but that they do not become a whole, because otherwise, problems would arise during combustion.

Check that seeds and twigs are not present

Seeds and twigs are certainly not synonymous with the high-quality cannabis.

If you notice large amounts of these items in the pot bag you are buying, you would change supplier, because he is inexperienced or unreliable. Indeed, the seeds and twigs increase the weight and therefore the final cost of your purchase and give the marijuana a pungent flavor.

With this easy and short guide you will immediately be able to optimally evaluate the product you are going to buy. You will avoid bad surprises and negative experiences, focusing only on the pleasure that your Cannabis will give you.


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