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Post lock down security in Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

no more covid 19 spreading in cannabis social club of barcelona
Covid-19 spreading

For the reopenings following the long lock down period, Spanish cannabis associations are working intensively to ensure safety within the Cannabis Social Clubs.

After the long period of closure caused by Covid 19, the government finally proceeded to reopen activities, launching a series of safety regulations within the Cannabis Social Club.

Reopening safely is indeed a common objective and all those involved are moving in this direction with seriousness and utmost attention.

Specifically, Cannabis Social Clubs are subject to the rules issued for premises open to the public, which are based on security for members and staff, to prevent reopening might contribute to a new wave of the virus.

Why were the Cannabis Social Clubs closed during lockdown?

closure of cannabis clubs in barcelona due to the covid-19 pandemic
Closure of Cannabis Clubs

The closure caused by the Covid-19 of the Cannabis Social Club, the same fate for restaurants, bars and nightclubs, or all those activities deemed non-essential, was decided in order to slow the spread of the virus. As a result, all those who make habitual use of cannabinoids, even those who use it for therapeutic purposes, have either remained unprocessed or, as the only option, have turned to the black market, precisely because cannabis has not been counted among the essential, like tobacco and alcohol.

A reopening in safety

Safe tools against Covid-19

As all public premises, Cannabis Social Clubs must follow the rules related to sanitization and distance between people, scrupulous rules with the aim of making the Clubs a safe place for both customers and employees.

Here the news to access the Cannabis Social Club.

  • Ask for an appointment for the visit;

  • each appointment has a limited duration, which must be respected to grant access to all customers;

  • at the entrance you must have the mask in addition to the valid identity document;

  • those with symptoms related to Covid-19 (fever, cough, etc.) cannot access it;

  • an interpersonal distance of 2 metres shall be maintained;

  • frequently wash hands or use the hydroalcoholic gel available in the Club;

  • you must bring your own smoking items.

In compliance with these basic behavioural rules you will again enjoy the comfortable spaces of the Clubs and the many advantages of cannabis.


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